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Rs. 9600/- (Lumpsum)
Rs. 4000/- (Per month)


To progress in life and career, each and every individual requires 3 skills.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) - Your domain knowledge and proficiency in your subject/discipline of study
Emotional Quotient (EQ) - Your behavior, attitude, etiquette and manners
Communication Skills (CS) - Your presentation skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing


You may be a student seeking a job with the corporate.
You may be a junior level employee looking for growth in job/career.
You may the head of an organization/business leading scores of employees.
You may be a distributor or salesman dealing with customers, globally.
You may be a professional or public servant in direct interface with the public.
You may be an unemployed person looking for well-paid work.

Professional Soft Skills Certification (PSSC) helps you to achieve your immediate career/business goals, by making you greatly refined in speech, presentation, attitude and manners. As it is said, true success is in getting acceptance of the people around you. For this, your soft skills are crucial and deciding.

It is a fact that, as an individual progresses higher and higher along the career path/business, there is very less of dependence on IQ, and more of coordination and supervision activity. As you are dealing with people, your attitude, behavior and presentation mean a lot for your subordinates and colleagues.

Our PSSC programs helps you to acquire successful people's skills, makes you more responsive to people' interests, and makes your truly human. It is a point of introspection that, why only a few people are preferred over others for responsible position by the top management. It is not only their basic work competencies, but how they presented themselves and accommodated others interests with least coercion, is what that really matters.

PSSC Modules:

1. Introduction to Soft Skills
2. Assertiveness
3. Business Etiquette and Manners
4. Presentation Skills
5. Conflict Resolution
6. Expectation Management
7. Time Management
8. Interpersonal Skills
9. Persuasive Skills
10. Leadership Skills
11. Team Work
12. Networking skills
13. Personal Effectiveness
14. Positive Attitude
15. Stress Management
16. Adaptability
17. Problem-solving Skills
18. Motivation Skills
19. Communication Skills
20. Self control
21. Kinesics
22. Basic Selling Skills
23. Critical Thinking
24. Professional Courtesy
25. Change Management
26. Character Building
27. Social Graces
28. Handling Criticism
29. NLP
30. Patience & Impatience
31. Anger Management
32. Emotional Health

PSSC Course Schedule & Terms

1. Screening Test is mandatory for admission into the course.
2. Screening Test can be taken at any time in the month.
3. New Batch begins on Monday.
4. The course runs for 12-weeks (nearly 3 months) only.
5. Only 10 participants are taken into each Batch.
6. The Course fee should be paid immediately after clearing the Screening Test.
7. The Course fee is Rs.4000/- or Rs.9600/- No refunds are allowed.
8. The course includes 32 Modules
9. Two Modules are completed every week.
10. Each Module is discussed over web conference.
11. After reading each Module, the concerned Assignment should be mailed to Expert feedback on Assignments is provided promptly.
12. In all matters, the discretion of RISECO is final. 

RAMESH INSTITUTE of Spoken English and Content Writing (RISECO) offers enrichment programs in English Proficiency, Soft Skills and Content Writing. Mr Sanjay Nannaparaju heads RISECO. He has 20+ years of experience in teaching, training, content, media and branding. He has worked with more than 12 companies at different levels. His qualifications: MA English Literature (AU), PG Dip in Linguistics (AU) PG Dip in Adult Ed & Development (AU), PGDTE (EFLU) and PGDEL (IGNOU). Sanjay is the top scorer/ranker in the Post Graduate Diploma in E-Learning 2012 Batch of Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.  In December 2017, Sanjay has been allotted Director Identification Number (DIN 08022255) by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India, by which he now associates with listed and non-listed companies across 18 verticals as an Independent Director for Content, Media and Branding. 

*Disclaimer: Professional Soft Skills Certification (PSSC) is to be considered as an enrichment program only. The course Certificate is neither recognized nor approved by any State Authority or Public Agency.